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Why are whole coffee beans better than ground

Coffee pros and top baristas will likely advise you to always buy whole beans instead of pre-ground coffee. It’s a personal thing and some people will have great arguments in favour of ground coffee, ranging from convenience to speed of brewing.

But we beg to differ because we see so many reasons for loving your beans.

Foster a relationship with your favourite whole beans and you can open up a whole world of not only drinking lovely coffee but the experience of crafting it yourself. The extra time you spend, relaxing into the process, feeling, smelling and tasting, brings a host of psychological and mindfulness benefits as well as, well, just a pause in your busy day. And what’s not to like about that.

From the coffee beans’ perspective, they are much fresher in whole bean state than when they are already ground before you receive them. Just do a simple comparison taste test, to experience this for yourself. The reason for this of course is that, especially from supermarkets, the coffee beans were ground weeks before and become quickly stale and bitter, due to oxygenation. Did you also realise that your coffee beans lose a high proportion of their natural flavour in the hour after they are ground, so it’s a good idea to grind-on-demand yourself.

Of course, we don’t always know how we’d like to brew our coffee on any particular day. One day we might like French Press, the next a V60. So grinding ourselves means we retain ultimate flexibility for both the process and the output. The size of the grind will make such a significant difference to the flavour of your coffee, so get yourself some whole beans and start building your relationship with them. How good is that.

These are BIG reasons for grinding your own whole beans and one of the reasons why at Woodhouse Coffee Co, that’s what we’ll encourage you to buy.

If you’d like some help with ideas about grinders for your Woodhouse Coffee Co beans, we have some help for you on this page.