How To Choose Coffee 1/6

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With the ever-growing number of roasters and coffees available with a world of information to sort through for the discerning buyer, the question invariably is, ‘where do I start?’

In this first of a series of 6 How To Choose Coffee guides, I walk you through some key factors to take into consideration when you are next making that important choice.

Conrad at Woodhouse Coffee Co


One of best ways to enjoy coffee is when its fresh. By this I mean roasted within the last 4 weeks.

Buy it as freshly roasted as possible and look to use it all up no later than three to four weeks after the printed roast date for maximum enjoyment. The ideal ‘peak’ flavour times are usually found between day 7 and 21 depending on its application, filter or espresso. You can still potentially look to use beans for up to 4 weeks, but most of the time, after day 21 the quality and flavour intensity will start to fade and leave you with some very flat and faded cups.

So how are we going to know what fresh looks like? Look for beans that have a clear printed roast date on them. Any coffee that can’t tell you this information, probably doesn’t want to. So be very wary of any packaging that uses a ‘best before’ or has a ‘2019’ printed on it!