What Makes Woodhouse Coffee Taste So Great? What’s the origin of Driftwood coffee?

Customers have been asking about what exactly is in their Driftwood coffee pouches.

Driftwood originates from the Oromia region, part of the Guji Zone in Ethiopia, at an elevation of around 1975m above sea level. This region has over 65% of the country’s total coffee growing land.

Our farmers are a cooperative and members of Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union which pays 70% of its net profit back to the cooperative, who in turn pay 70% of these profits to the member farmers.

Driftwood coffee is shade grown and farmers deliver their coffee cherry to the washing station where it is sorted and depulped. After 8-12 hours of fermentation, it is washed in channels, soaked and dried on African beds for up to 2 weeks until it reaches 11% moisture content.

So that’s the origin of Driftwood coffee. It’s then imported and that’s when roast to bring out the taste of papaya, honeysuckle and white peach, the distinctive flavour of Driftwood.

The Origin of Driftwood Coffee