Coffee Makes Things Sweeter

We all intuitively know that coffee and cake are perfect partners. What’s not to like?

But did you know that coffee makes things sweeter, in a scientific sense, as well as by experience?

The sweetness in coffee itself, generally builds in the 2-3 weeks from the cherry being picked, through the process of drying. But there’s more. That gives you one element in the taste notes of your favourite coffee. The interesting stuff begins with the combination of your coffee and what you choose to eat with it.

“Researchers at Aarhus University ( in Denmark conducted a study of the gustatory and olfactory effects of coffee by asking 156 participants between the ages of 18 to 39 to indicate their perceptions of different scents and flavors before and after drinking regular and decaf coffee. What they found is that drinking coffee makes people more sensitive to sweet flavors.” Howard Bryman

“Findings consistently indicated that while there wasn’t much change in participants’ perceptions of sourness or saltiness, people were clearly more sensitive to sweetness and less sensitive to bitterness after drinking regular coffee.”

So what do YOU like to eat with your coffee? There could be a scientific reason behind your choice. Coffee really could be making your cake sweeter.

Next time you feel like eating cake, or something else sweet, with your coffee, take a moment to become present and really taste it… what do you notice?