coffee grounds composting

How to use coffee grounds for composting

We are often asked how to use coffee grounds for composting so we thought we’d give you a quick list of tips:

  1. Save all coffee grounds, both bean and pre-ground
  2. Loosely dig your coffee grounds into the soil to a depth of about 5-10cm
  3. Never leave coffee grounds on the surface of the soil if you have pets
  4. Use coffee grounds for compost on established plants, not new seedlings
  5. Coffee grounds increase the levels of nutrient nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, as well as other micronutrients
  6. Use coffee grounds for composting if you have a slug and snail problem
  7. Don’t over-compost with coffee grounds if you are in an acidic soil area already
  8. Azaleas and blueberries benefit from the additional acidity of your coffee-ground-enhanced soil
  9. If you have geraniums and ferns, keep your coffee grounds away from the stems and roots
  10. The older and more stale the coffee, the better the compost

If you find anything else that works well, please let us know.