Where do you most enjoy coffee?

Where do you most enjoy coffee?

For some it’s their local independent coffee shop, chatting to their favourite barista and taking in the ambiance and cool vibe.

For others it’s tucked up on a bean bag on a Sunday afternoon, with a good book, as the sun streams through the window.

For us, it’s all about the outdoors. To us, there’s something about taking our favourite specialty coffee (currently we are drinking Terrazina) outside and enjoying it in the elements.

Somehow coffee and food in general, tastes different outside. Maybe it’s the air or the wind on our face. Maybe it’s the negative ions from the wave spray.

Yesterday evening we headed down to our local beach for a barefoot walk at dusk. We sat in the dunes, looking out over the vast mud flats.

There are no waves where we live. Like many, we need to drive a little to enjoy our surfing, but there’s still something special about finding beautiful places around where we live and basking, with gratitude, in the moment.

Coffee makes those moments extra special. Coffee brings out a little extra from those moments and we continue to try to figure out why.

What do you think? Where would you like to drink your favourite coffee today?

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